Welcome to Chen tai ji, a blog about learning tai ji in it’s birthplace, a small village called Chen Jia Gou in Henan Province.

Chen tai ji is the oldest form of tai ji, and was invented by Chen Wang Ting (1600-1680).  Chen Wang Ting had been a warrior, and when he retired, he put together all the knowledge he had accumulated and turned it into tai ji.  For a long time, tai ji was used to defend Chen Jia Gou from attackers, and Chen villagers often worked guarding caravans of goods as they travelled across China.

statue of Chen Wang Ting

Chen Wang Ting

Now, tai ji is practiced everywhere, and the parks are full of lovely grannies in matching pink velvet tai ji suits doing their morning exercise.  It’s practiced by kids, reluctant university students and foreigners, like me, who come to China looking for what, exactly?  Traditional teaching?  History?  Disembodied chicken heads in their lunch?……

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Nice blog, Sarah. Very professional. I’ll have to ask you about the mechanics of it as I do enjoy the technical side of things. “.me” is new to me. Lovely photo. I am having a nice cup of tea as I look at the pavilion and I want to cozy up there, watch the fish in the water, and spend my day reading a book.

    • Well thanks Dave! My other blogs have all been on travel-blog sites, very easy to use but not so easy to personalise. I found WordPress hard to get used to, and it has taken some time to make the site look more or less how I want, but it’s quite nice now. Don’t ask me about the technicalities! I just followed the blurb on learnwordpress.com! Yeah, that pavilion, you may be shocked to hear, is not in Chen Jia Gou but in Shanghai. Very nice place.

  2. Hi Sarah

    First I’d like to say Happy Chinese New Year, today is the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2014 and I hope this first day will bring you good luck all through 2014, plus hope you can become a Tai Chi master ASAP. 

    Well, I was just having dinner with my friends in my hometown Wen County tonight, during the break, I just randomly google Taichi stuff online and found a news on Chinadaily that you just came in 2013 and learning Taichi here in Chen Jia Gou.

    So I read the news and naturally found your blog here, it is quite interesting that more and more people all over the world are began to interested in Tai Chi, this ancient martial arts. At the same time, I myself also quite interested in why people want to learn it.

    That’s why I left this message here and hope that you can see it, because if it is possible, I’d like to have a meet with you to have a chat and also talks about Tai Chi culture since both of us are in Wen county now.

    Hope can receive your mail or call.

    My Email: sean.zhao5@gmail.com cellphone: 18602132706


    PS: I’ll stay at home till the 10th after that I will go back to Shanghai to work.

    • Hi Sean,

      I’m just back in Jiaozuo after a few days in Chen Jia Gou. I didn’t go online while I was there so I just got your comments now. I’m around until the 7th. It would be great to met up for a chat, but I have some classes this week here at Li Gong Da Xue.

      I’ll drop an email to you.


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